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  • Scott & Sharon Brown
    OMGOSH!!! We are So Fricken HAPPY with the job that these guys are currently doing at our house!!! They've cut 3 of our 5 Pine trees and talk about FAST and Professional!!! These guys go to it and get the job done and done RIGHT!!! I've researched for the right Company for awhile and am I ever RELIEVED to have found Sox & Freeman Tree Experts!!! They book FAST & you may need to wait a couple months for them to come out, but they are Oh So Well Worth the wait!!! They are the ONLY ONES that were FULLY INSURED!!! Trust me I've called & checked and other companies "say" they're Fully Insured with Workman's Comp too and they're not. These Guys are the ONLY Ones to Hire in my book!!! I've had other companies Not call me back, they were Rude and one even told me he was NOT going to give me his Insurance Information. WOW….. That was also a well known Company, but you need more than that when it comes to hiring somebody!!! Just hire this Company they ARE THE BEST & the only ones for the job for us!!! Overly HAPPY Customers. I'm SO HAPPY I even called the office already to let them know just how Thrilled we are with the job the guys are doing. THANK YOU GUYS!!! MUCH APPRECIATION for a JOB WELL DONE!!! We Wish you & yours the Very Best. We pray for your Company and your safety.
    Scott & Sharon Brown
    Elgin, SC

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