SOIL CARE | Columbia, SC


Human practices within the urban forest can destroy the natural process by which plants survive, resulting in soil that is deficient in the minerals and nutrients trees need to convert into food. The pavements of our streets, sidewalks and driveways diminish the available oxygen, organic nutrients and water absorbed by a tree’s roots. The raking of lawns removes potential nutrients that would eventually work their way into the soil. If you have a well-kept yard, neatly mowed and manicured, you probably have hungry trees. And since they can’t order out, you have to do it for them. After determining the soils fertility through lab analysis, we deep root inject our slow release formulation directly to the feeder roots and below the competing grasses.

Soil Inoculent

Soil inoculents are bacteria or fungi that are added to soils in order to enhance plant growth by either: freeing up soil nutrients for plant use, entering into a symbiotic relationships with plant root systems or acting as antagonistic organisms against plant pathogens. Mycorrizal fungi attach to the roots of many plant species and help conduct water and nutrients for the plants to use.

Soil Decompaction and Amendments

In our urban landscapes, leaf litter is usually removed and after many seasons of watering, the soil layer becomes compacted. This results in poor gas exchange between the roots and the atmosphere, poor water absorption, drainage problems and a general degredation of the soil environment where beneficial soil organisms live and thrive. These organisms play a major role in the tree’s ability to absorb soil-borne nutrients and every care should be taken to enhance their ecosystem. Aerated soil is more resistant to fluctuations and extremes in temperature. During our hot summers this plays an important part in the tree’s overall good health. Compacted soil heats up quickly and reaches higher temperatures. Higher soil temperatures increase evaporation rates resulting in less moisture reaching the roots. A two to four inch layer of coarsely shredded bark mulch maintains lower soil temperatures, slows evaporation and reduces the need for watering.

Plant Health Care

Vulnerable trees and shrubs can be damaged or killed by insects and disease. Sox and Freeman is able to diagnose and identify problems, and create a plan to treat and prevent future outbreaks and infestations.