Sox and Freeman Going Green: Smart Service

Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company is once again leading the tree care industry by implementing a fully digital sales and work order service. “Smart Service” will allow our company to drastically lower our paper consumption while increasing our ability to provide the excellent customer service to which you are accustomed.

We decided several months ago that our company needed to become more eco-friendly. Going to digital sales allows us to do that as well as keep abreast with other tech savvy service industries. “Smart Service” allows for us to cut paper usage while increasing the support our customers need. “Smart Service” is a computer program that allows us to record all contact information with a customer and transfers that information digitally to the field thereby, cutting out paper from job conception to job completion.

How will this work in the field? It begins when you call, requesting to meet with one of our certified arborists. All job details you relay to the main office will be entered into “Smart Service” which will then send that information to our arborist’s iPad. When the arborist meets with you, he will take down notes and pictures of the work to be done. When you are finished with the meeting, the information he recorded will be emailed to you as an estimate. At the same time, that information is being relayed back to “Smart Service”. If you decide you want to proceed, you simply contact us and your estimate will then be made into a digital work order exactly like your estimate for our crews. The crew will show up promptly on the scheduled date to follow the work on their iPads. When the work is completed, the office will be notified and an emailed invoice will be sent to you within several days. It is our hope that from you calling in to meet with an arborist, to the meeting, to the work, to the invoice, you never come across a sheet of paper from Sox and Freeman unless you request it.

Sox and Freeman has not been the best tree care service in Columbia for 74 years simply by chance. By continually being an industry leader in technology, it helps us to provide the care and knowledge that our customers deserve. Utilizing this technology will help us to be in business for generations to come.

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