What to do with that eyesore stump

What to do with that eyesore stump?

Did you have a tree removed, but the stump is still lingering around on your property?

Stump grinding is the best way to remove that eyesore. Sox and Freeman guarantee to provide with most effective stump grinding service at an affordable price. You may have considered grinding that stump on your own, but it can cause you injury.

So let our experts take care of it, they will remove that stump even before you notice with safety. For removing a stump, it is not important that the tree was recently removed. We can help you in removing both the new stumps as well as the old ones.
Enhance the aesthetics of your lawn with our stump grinding service.

Stump Grinding VS Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

Stumps lying around your property can not only become a hazard but will also decrease the value of your property and its looks. It is beneficial to get rid of it on time. Wondering how to get rid of it? Let Sox and Freeman take a look at the stump and decide which removal method will be most suitable for it.Stump grinding is the most convenient and cost-effective way of removing the stump these days.

stump grinding vs stump removal

When the tree has been removed, a stump of about 6 to 12 inches is left behind. With our modern stump grinders, the sharp blades grind the stump below the ground level. Or if you ask, we can also grind out the stump and its roots as much as possible. The hole is then covered with soil and grass. Grinding is a more environment-friendly and effective way of removing the stump from your property. The stump is easily removed from your sight without costing you much and causing any damage to your property.

Stump Grinding VS Stump Removal

Stump Removal

This method of removing the stump is more traditional. In this, a hole lot bigger than the radius of the stump is dug up. Then, with the help of equipment and machinery, the stump with its entire roots is lifted up and taken away from the location. This method is necessary for some situations. For example, there are some species of trees that might start growing back even after the stump is ground.

The roots and the stump take a lot of time to decay under the ground. At times the roots start growing, again causing damage to your property then you will need that stump and its roots to be removed completely. Only a certified arborist like one at Sox and Freeman can examine and determine whether it is beneficial to grind the stump or to remove it entirely. Removing the stump with this method is costly and needs heavy machinery to be brought to your property. It can also cause some damage to your property as a big hole needs to be dug to remove the entire roots. But don’t worry, our experts will provide you with the best solution possible after assessing the stump.

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Why Remove a Tree Stump and Its Benefits

Life is too short to use ugly landscaping

The stump might be emotionally valuable to you, as it’s the mark where your precious tree once stood. But have you ever considered the damages it may cause to you and your property? The longer you delay the removal of the stump, the more problems will be created.

Tree stump in the forest columbia sc

Sox and Freeman have been delivering secure and effective stump grinding services for the past several decades. Let our experts take care of that ugly-looking stump and you can enjoy the benefits of stump removal.


Stumps become trip hazards, especially if it’s a small one difficult to notice. They can become a risk to your family and pets. Someone may trip over it and get injured. Eliminating that stump will make your property much safer for everyone.

Eliminating the Active Roots

Even after the dead or diseased tree is cut down, its roots are still alive and active. At times, the roots are above the ground as well. They keep on growing and start causing problems for you and your property. They can also damage underground utility lines. But by removing the stump, you can easily restrict those roots from growing any further.

Protection From Insects and Pests

A tree stump can become a home to several pests and insects, some of which may be harmful to your other plants and you. There are chances they might spread into your home. So it’s beneficial to get rid of that stump and save your property from those insects.

Makes Mowing and Landscaping Easy

Stump can make landscaping and mowing difficult for you. Especially if you are mowing after a long time and tall grass has grown around the stump will make it difficult for you to recognize it. This can also damage the blades of your mower. Moreover, if you are planning on giving a new look to your lawn, that stump would look hideous.

Protect Your Plants From Diseases

If the stump is left in place, it will attract other insects and pests. Those insects and pests can also cause several diseases in the decaying stump. These diseases can spread to other plants and trees and damage their health as well. To avoid those diseases, it is the best option to eliminate that stump from your property.

Maintain the Charm of Your Landscape

Stump can become an eyesore on your beautiful lawn. It is a good idea to remove the stump so you can easily beautify the look of your property. It will also make landscaping easier for you and plant new trees and plants.

Raise the value of your property

A hideous stump will depreciate the value and beauty of your property. But with its removal by the sox and freeman tree expert company, you can raise the value. And attract more potential clients if you are considering selling the property.

stump grinding vs stump removal

Stump Grinding Process

The process starts with


Our experts will first examine the stump, so they can plan a strategy for removing it. A plan that will be most suitable for the stump and your property


Most suitable equipment and tools for removing the stump are brought up at the location.

Grinding Up

The grinding process starts with cutting down the stump if it’s too big. Then the grinder is used to grind the stump below the ground level.

Clean up

The space where the stump used to be will be covered with dirt and mulch. After the work is done machinery and other waste will be removed from the site.

The trunk grinding process may sound very simple and you might think that I can do it on my own by renting a grinder. But the truth is, several things need to be taken care of before and after removing the stump. Only an expert like one at Sox and Freeman will be able to determine how to grind, how much to grind and which equipment should be used. So that the least amount of harm is caused to the surrounding, and the site is healthy enough to promote more vegetation.

Our Machinery

Our team of professionals at Sox and Freeman has the knowledge and machinery to excellently grind that hideous stump on your landscape safely. You can sit back and relax knowing that the job is done by experienced experts.We use stump grinders, which allow the stump to be scraped down below the ground. The grinders have a high-power blade connected to a long handle on powerful wheels.The sharp blade is used to cut down the stump until it’s completely gone. No matter what sort of stump you are having, we have a range of equipment to deal with all shapes and sizes.

Our experts have the training and knowledge to handle the stumps in hard-to-reach places. With our top-class equipment and tools, we can eliminate any unwanted stump on your property.

Why Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company

Why Choose Us?

When you need a fast, affordable, and reliable tree service. Call us!

Tree work is our passion. We always ensure the highest standard of tree services for our customers. Sox and Freeman are proud to provide “Quality work and exceptional customer experience”.

Client Satisfaction

At Sox and Freeman, we focus more on the quality of our service. We care about your safety and happiness and that is one of the reasons why we are the best tree service provider in South Carolina.

Certified Arborist

Credentials are important in the tree service industry. Our Arborists have undergone the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA)) certified arborist exam. They possess the knowledge and skill needed for stump grinding and removal.

Expert team, Quality Machinery

Here at Sox and Freeman, we have a team of experts who know which equipment should be used in a specific situation. They have years of experience and a successful stump grinding history. They know which grinder will be suitable for which stump.

Affordable Prices

We have always managed to maintain the most competitive prices. The reason why we have been in business for the last 70+ years is directly correspondent to our affordable prices and great service.

If You Need Stump Grinding Service in South Carolina?

Sox and Freeman can help you in removing and grind the tree stump in your yard. Our professionals will examine the stump and then plan a strategy on how to grind the stump and which grinder will be most suitable. With the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, we can easily grind any stump, no matter what the size is. 


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Stump Grinding Service:
Frequently Asked Questions

Stump grinding is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to get rid of that stump. The stump and its roots visible on the ground are ground to a few inches below the ground.

Most of the time the roots will decay and prevent the tree from growing back. But sometimes the stump might start growing back then stump removal will be necessary.

In grinding the stump is grinding a few inches below the ground with the help of a special grinder whereas in removal a hole larger than the circumference of the tree roots is dug and the entire roots and stump are removed from the location.

It needs less machinery, less labor, and is less time-consuming.

Depending on the size and thickness of the stump it usually takes around 15 minutes to 2 hours to get the job done.

By that time stumps can become home to different pests and diseases which can harm the rest of your trees and plants. So, it is important to get rid of the stump on time.

It is usually grounded four to six inches below ground level.

The answer is yes, the chips left over from the stump grinding can be turned into mulch. Mulch is very beneficial for the health of the soil.