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Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company has been providing professional tree services in South Carolina for the past 70+ years. We focus on providing exceptional customer service and perfect execution on all jobs and tree services. Our ISA-certified Arborists are licensed and insured to get the job done swiftly with safety. Shed your tree worries away with Sox and Freeman Tree experts.


A tree removal service you can count on.
Tree removal is not always the solution that everyone wants, but unfortunately, there are situations where removal is the only solution left. A dead or diseased tree can pose a serious threat to you and your property’s safety. Large branches weakened by disease can fall at any time, especially during and after the storm. Causing damage to your loved ones or your property. Our certified arborist first assesses whether it is necessary to remove a tree.

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A dead tree can become infested by insects and fungi that can spread across the surrounding area, causing unnecessary and heart-wrenching damage. Cutting down a tree, especially a large one, requires careful disassembling by a trained arborist with the help of advanced machines. Sox and Freeman’s professional crew has the training and experience to provide secure and efficient removal of trees no matter the size. Our tree cutting and removal service will remove your dead or sick tree without disturbing the surrounding landscape.

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We know the best time to prune your trees.
Is there a tree pruning service near me? Yes, Sox and Freeman have been delivering quality tree care services for the past 7 decades in South Carolina. Unlike forest trees, landscape trees require additional care to maintain structural stability. Some reasons for pruning are the removal of dead branches to increase the safety and penetration of light and air into the branches and plants below. Dead branches and leaves are removed to reduce the excess weight. This opens the way for further growth.

Pruning can improve the health and well-being of your trees, protect your property and save money over the long term. Be aware that “over pruning” can affect the health of your tree and shorten its lifespan. It is important that qualified and insured arborists like Sox and Freeman are selected for tree pruning. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy while carefully eliminating any problems or risks. We know what to prune, how much, and when to prune. Call upon our experts to optimize your tree’s potential. It is best to remove sick and dying limbs in time than to lose the entire tree.


Let our experienced arborist help you get your garden on track.
Sox and Freeman’s Arborists provide professional stump grinding services. As certified arborists, we can tell you that stump grinding is an essential part of tree removal. The conventional way of stump removal needs a hole larger than the circumference of the stump and a crane for lifting it because stumps are connected to the tree’s root system. It is expensive and may result in damage to your property. But shed your worries away because Sox and Freeman’s stump grinding service is easier, cheaper and the best option.

What to do with that eyesore stump

Our professional team will quickly grind your stump to below ground level, using state-of-the-art equipment, in-depth training, and accurate techniques to complete the job properly. Being certified tree surgeons, we use a stump grinder to remove the stump from your sight it prevents the tree from growing back, clears space for new plants, and protects you from tripping over. We make sure to remove that eyesore stump without any damage so that you can restore the beauty and look of your garden.

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Reduce stress damage on your trees with our tree cabling and bracing service.
Is tree cabling a good idea? Yes, tree cabling and bracing are preventative techniques to support a tree and reduce stress damage from heavy winds, snow weight, and dense foliage. Sox and Freeman’s qualified arborists will first inspect your tree for structural defects. They will then advise you that whether a support system is necessary to fix a structural problem. If so, will recommend the right type of system for your tree.

Our experts have the training and experience to determine the best support system, select the proper materials, and install the system using the most efficient techniques. We use flexible steel strand cables and braces to keep fragile limbs and branches in place. We don’t just stop at tree cabling or tree bracing, we put extra effort into making sure you get the best results. If you are concerned that your tree is in danger of splitting, let our expert arborists take a look at it and create a plan to keep your trees healthy and strong before it’s too late!


We do what we do best and that’s tree service.
A tree that took many years to grow can be instantly damaged by a flash. Lightning strikes can cause structural damage because of the heat generated by the electrical charge. A lightning protection system can minimize the damage and effect of the strike. Tree lightning rods are installed inside the tree, and the metal of the rods works as a conductor.

Lightning Protection For Trees Service in Columbia South Carolina.

They capture the electrical current and safely steer it to the ground without damaging the tree. The lightning protection system should be professionally catered for. Sox and Freema’s certified arborists know how to install the system that protects your tree from lightning and operates correctly. While we can not guarantee lightning will not strike, we can help limit the damage caused by lightning to your tree and property.