Hazardous Trees

As trees mature, structural issues can develop. Sox and Freeman can assess trees for health and structural stability. Using technical instruments and experienced arborist, we can determine and measure decay within the tree. Resistograph testing of key parts of the tree and analysis of the potential risk of failure allows the owner to make an informed decision of how best to manage their tree.

Tree Preservation

The damage that occurs during construction may not at first be obvious unless the tree’s trunk was damaged. In most cases the tree appears healthy but produces little new growth. Stress symptoms caused by tree root damage may take five to ten years to fully develop. The tree initially lives off of its stored reserves – after the reserves are depleted and the tree is exposed to hot, dry weather the tree declines or dies rapidly. Often insects and disease will invade the weakened tree and lead to a gradual deterioration. The loss of a tree and it’s value to the property far outweigh the initial tree preservation costs. Let us create a plan to protect your trees and their root systems, before construction begins.