Improve Your Tree’s Structural Coherence

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Trees have to face certain challenges which can influence their health. Cabling and bracing rods are the gears used by arborists to strengthen the structure of a weak tree. Several reasons can weaken a tree, like lightning, strong winds, heavy foliage, the weight of snow, diseases, and nutritional deficiency. Cabling and bracing is a preventive method used to support the poor or weak structure of the tree. It is usually used to lighten the stress burden on the tree.
At Sox and Freeman, we offer tree cabling and bracing service to trees that have become weak or have structural integrity issues. With the help of these methods, we can reduce stress on the tree and protect the limbs from breaking or splitting. If you are worried that your tree has become weaker and want to improve its structural coherence, give us a call.

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Cabling is the process of providing support to a tree with a structural defect, cracks, cavity, or any other alarming factor. The cabling system is more flexible and allows the movement of a tree during a wind or with a snow load.

The cables are usually placed in the upper parts of the tree, to those limbs which can easily support the system. There are two kinds of cabling. “Static cabling” High-strength steel cables are fastened to the tree with the help of hooks and bolts. It is done when less to no movement of the crown is required. Dynamic cablingIn this, a special rope is used. The ropes work like elastics allowing movement between the tree.


Bracing is the system used to prevent movement among the branches, protect the branches from splitting, or restore the limbs that have already split. This process is done in two ways depending on the situation and condition of the tree. “Through-rod” in this, the rod is inserted in the trunk or branch and is then bolted with the help of nuts on each side.

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The “Dead-end” in this rod is threaded into the trunk or branch. Sometimes bracing is done along with cabling to provide extra support.


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When To Provide These Supports Systems To Your Trees?

When To Provide These Supports Systems To Your Trees?

Cabling and bracing are different methods, but their target is the same, strengthening a weak tree. There are several reasons why a tree will need these support systems. Only an experienced professional can properly identify which tree needs which method.

Improper cabling and bracing can cause harm to the tree. One of the most common reasons is that the tree limbs and branches become weak. Proper cabling will help distribute the tree’s weight and make it strong. Whereas in bracing the splitting limbs are connected with the help of rods, providing them with additional support. Some of the other reasons why your tree may require our services are:

Insects or Diseases

A weak tree works like a magnet to diseases and pests. There are more chances that a tree will die if proper care is not given on time. So it is important to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to strengthen and protect your trees. If you notice that your tree is becoming weak, our professionals can help recover its health.

Protection Against Storm

Storms can be very dangerous for the trees. Especially if you have a weak tree there is a risk that it may fall or its branch may fall due to the strong winds. The falling can cause damage to people and property. Our experts can prepare your trees with cabling so they can easily withstand heavy rain, strong winds, and the weight of snow.

Dead Branches

Dead tree branches are a sign that something is wrong with the tree. Proper care and attention must be given to that tree on time. If you notice dead branches on your tree, contact our professionals. They will come and assess your tree and provide you with the best possible treatment or bracing for it.

Crack on Tree Trunks

Cracks on a tree’s trunks indicate that the tree is becoming weaker. These cracks and splits attract different diseases which can kill the tree. Our arborists can help you by filling these crack openings and strengthening your tree for the future with our bracing and cabling service.

Leaning Tree With Visible Roots

Tree roots work as an anchor for the tree keeping it in the right place. Roots are supposed to be underground. But if you notice that your tree is leaning on one side and the roots are becoming visible on the ground on the other side. Then it’s time that you ask our certified arborists for help. So they can access the tree and provide you with cabling service on time.

Trunk Is Harmed By Lightening

Lightning is overwhelming to the trunk of the tree. Suppose your tree has been affected by a lightning strike and has a cracked trunk and burns. Then you should immediately call our arborists so they can come and assess your tree. Provide it with the best treatment and support so the tree can recover easily and completely.

Benefits Of Tree Cabling and Bracing Service

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If your tree has become weaker or the having issues with its structural integrity, in that case, cabling and bracing are essential to strengthen the tree and keep it safe. Some of the other significant benefits of these methods are:

Benefits Of Tree Cabling and Bracing Service

Why Hire a Professional?

Cabling and bracing is a complex task and critical for tree health. It should always be performed by a professional. Our experienced arborists have the knowledge and skills to spot the deficiency and structural weakness of the tree and conclude which method will be more appropriate. Incorrect installation of cables and braces can severely harm the tree and its health. But a certified specialist knows what to do and which will benefit the tree’s wellbeing. It takes years for a tree to grow. Their life should not be put at risk by hiring an unprofessional or doing the job yourself. If you care about your trees then contact Sox and Freeman to experience reliable tree care service.

Why Choose Sox and Freeman

Why Choose Sox and Freeman

Tree work is our passion. We always ensure the highest standard of tree services for our customers. Sox and Freeman are proud to provide “Quality work and exceptional customer experience.”

Client Satisfaction

At Sox and Freeman, we focus more on the quality of our service. We care about your safety and happiness, and that is one of the reasons why we are the best tree service provider in South Carolina.

Certified Arborist

Credentials are important in the tree service industry. Our Arborists have undergone the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) certified arborist exam. They possess the knowledge and skill needed to successfully and safely remove a tree.

Expert team, Quality Machinery

Here at Sox and Freeman, we have a team of experts who know which equipment should be used in a specific situation. They have years of experience in tree care service. They know that each tree is different and so are their needs. They can easily access which tree needs bracing and which one needs cabling.

Affordable Prices

We have always managed to maintain the most competitive prices. The reason why we have been in business for the last 70+ years is directly correspondent to our affordable prices and great service.

If You Need Tree Removal Service in South Carolina?

Sox and Freeman can help you in removing that dying tree in your yard. Our professionals will assess the tree and plan a strategy for tree removal according to it. With the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, we can easily remove any tree without causing any damage to the surroundings.


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Tree Cabling and Bracing Service:
Frequently Asked Questions

These are the techniques used by the arborist to provide support to trees that have poor or weak structures. It also helps in reducing the stress burden on the tree.

Cables can provide support for around 20 to 40 years. But it is important to inspect them from time to time.

Yes, cabling provides support to the branches. It reduces the burden on heavy branches and prevents them from splitting. With the help of tree cabling, we can save a healthy tree from completely splitting apart.

There are specific techniques used in cabling and bracing for each tree according to its needs. Only a professional can access which tree needs which technique and material. If the job is done in a wrong manner it can cause more harm to the tree.

Usually, a tree should be more than 3 to 5 years old.