Tree Removal Service

When the time comes for tree removal, we have what it takes to handle the job no matter the size. At Sox and Freeman, we have the best staff and equipment for the job, as well as the safety record to back it up. We can remove your trees with virtually no disturbance to the surrounding landscape, preserving the look and plant life around the area.

Tree Pruning

One of the most damaging things done to trees is over pruning. Our arborists know exactly what to prune trees and how much to prune. Don’t take chances, let Sox and Freeman maximize the benefit from pruning your trees. Are limbs hitting your car, or rubbing your roof? Are dead limbs falling onto your yard? Tree pruning is the solution.

Stump Grinding

Make unsightly tree stumps a memory. We can grind stumps to below soil level.

Tree Cabling Systems

Proper tree pruning can shorten, lighten or thin hazardous tree branches, yet in some cases, this may be inadequate to keep certain limbs or trees safe. In such instances, cabling and bracing may be required to reduce stress. Cabling involves the attachment of a flexible, extra high strength steel cable, along with forged lag bolts and pre-formed cable grips between branches to limit excessive limb motion and to reduce stress on a crotch or branches. Sometimes trees are cabled together for support. Bracing uses bolts or threaded rods to rigidly secure weak or split crotches, unite split tree trunks or branches and hold rubbing limbs together.

Lightning Protection for Trees

Lightning protection for trees works on the same principle as a lightning protection system on a building. A tree lightning protection system does not attract lightning nor does it prevent a lightning strike from occurring. A tree system intercepts the lightning bolt between the cloud and the earth and harmlessly conducts it to ground without damage to the tree. Lightning protection is a service that you value most for historical or sentimental reasons or trees near a valuable building or residence that add value to your property.