Tree Care Service in Irmo, Sc

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Tree Removal

Are you looking for a tree removal service in Irmo SC? Sox and Freeman can help you with that. With our state-of-the-art machinery and certified arborists, we can remove any tree with ease. Whether it’s a residential job or a commercial one we can get it done in no time. Removing a large tree is a dangerous and stressful job. But with the help of our modern tools and equipment, we are able to get rid of that big tree safely without causing much harm to the surrounding.

Tree Care Service in Irmo, Sc

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Sox and Freeman have been providing exceptional Tree pruning services in Irmo. Our customer reviews are proof that we believe in customer satisfaction more than anything. Do you have a tree near the power lines and are worried that its branches might fall on the power lines? Then call us. Our expert team will trim down those heavy branches while maintaining the aesthetic look of the tree and eliminating the risk of the branches falling on the power lines.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is very important after a tree has been removed. A decaying tree stump can become a house of diseases. These diseases may harm the rest of your plants. Prevention is better than cure. So it’s important to get rid of that stump on time. Call Sox and Freeman tree experts to take advantage of our top-notch stump grinding services. We will grind away that stump and enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Tree Bracing and Cabling

A tree can become weak due to heavy foliage and may need some support. Sox and Freeman are your tree care experts who will help you get rid of this problem. We are providing tree cabling and bracing services in Irmo to provide strength and support to your trees. We can save your tree branches from dying. Our arborist will first examine your tree and then discuss with you what is best for your tree, they will also provide you with a quote. Once your approval is received they will begin their job.

Tree Assessment

It is difficult for an unprofessional person to determine whether there is an issue with the tree or not. But our certified arborists with the help of their knowledge and skills are able to determine what is wrong with the tree. Sometimes a tree needs extra special care then Sox and Freeman provide its tree assessment services. Because we know how to take care of your trees. A number of tests are performed on the tree and different samples are collected and sent to the laboratory in order to perform a complete check-up of the tree. Once the problem is identified it can easily be solved.

Organic Plant Health Care

Sox and Freeman’s specially designed tree care products will enhance the health of your trees and increase their lifespan. Our products contain very less amount of chemicals causing more benefits than harm to the trees. There are several diseases in our environment that can not only harm but also kill your trees. Our certified arboristswill identify the disease and provide you with the best cure. It will not only cure your tree but also enhance its overall health.

Soil Care

Very less people know that to have healthy trees they need healthy soil. That is why Sox and Freeman are here. We can help you take care of the soil. Our bio-rational products are specially designed to enhance the nutritional value of the soil. More nutrition in the soil means more nutrition for the tree. Just like humans an adequate amount of nutrients is important for trees to live. We will provide your soil with all the care it needs.


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