Tree Pruning To Improve Your Tree’s Health

Healthy Trees add charm and significance to your property. We believe pruning trees is a great step towards maintaining your tree’s health and increasing its life span. Our certified arborists are experienced at recognizing the areas and proper methods required to prune and trim the tree to attain the desired results while maintaining the safety of the tree and everyone else.  

Tree Pruning to Improve Your Tree’s Health

Our arborists have a deep understanding of tree biology. They recognize the tree’s defects and know how to eliminate them defects without causing any damage to the tree’s health. They know that each tree is different and needs different types of pruning to maintain its health. That is why they first examine the tree and then customize a strategy according to it. At times, a single tree may require more than one type of pruning. Trimming and pruning are very critical procedures performed on a tree, so it is important that you choose our reliable professionals to perform the job. As incorrect pruning can cause significant damage to your trees.

Did You Know Inappropriate Pruning Can Harm A Tree?

It is important that the pruning of your tree is done by an experienced professional like the one at Sox and Freeman. Because our professionals understand how a tree will react to each cut. They will prune your trees in a way that will enhance their long-term growth. Our arborists clearly understand and know that inappropriate pruning techniques can cause a negative impact on the health of the tree. Incorrect pruning results in cuts that will not heal properly and invites several pests and diseases to the tree. This is the reason why our professionals take each cut of pruning very seriously and carefully and follow the guidelines set by the ISA (International Society Of Arboriculture).

Difference Between Tree Pruning and Trimming

Difference Between Tree Pruning And Trimming

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Tree Pruning is associated with removing dead and sick branches. During the pruning process, the dead, broken, and diseased branches of the tree are removed. This helps in preventing the decaying fungi from attacking the tree and spreading throughout the tree. Sometimes pruning is also done to improve the exposure to sunlight and the airflow around the tree.

Tree Trimming Tree Trimming is usually done to promote the health of trees. It is also done to make trees and property look more attractive. During this process, the green shoots are removed, which helps in new growth. Trimming is mostly done to improve the view or to provide clearance.

The equipment used for each process is different for each tree. It is important that you contact our certified arborist so they can come and access if your tree needs pruning or trimming will be enough.

Types Of Pruning We Offer

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If the trees in the forest are not pruned and trimmed, then why do the trees in your backyard need these services? Tree pruning is vital for the health of trees, the safety of property and people, and the curb appeal of your landscape. Cutting and shaping of the tree should only be done by a professional because a single wrong action can harm the overall health of the tree. So, it will be beneficial to choose our experts for pruning your trees. Our arborists have the knowledge and skills to carefully get the job done.


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Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is done when the tree has outgrown and its crown gets dense. It makes it difficult for the sunlight to reach the lower limbs and it causes a burden on the roots of the tree as well. So some of the unnecessary limbs and branches are removed, making the tree look and feel lighter. This also promotes its overall health.

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Dead Wooding

The method of dead wooding is related to removing the dead, sick, and dying branches of the tree. This is usually performed on trees suffering from any disease or pests. Because the dead branches act as a magnet to illness and pests. Elimination of the dead branches will make them healthier and reduce the risk of falling branches.

Canopy Raise

In the canopy raise, lower limbs and branches are removed. This is usually done to increase the height of the canopy from the ground. Especially if the tree is located in a car parking or right beside the road, then it might be blocking the road sign or branches hanging on the cars. So the lower body of the tree is reduced to facilitate people.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is associated with reducing the overall size of the canopy by cutting the smaller branches all around the outside of the tree. Reducing the branches as much as possible. This is usually performed on a tree that is located in a small space. Another reason for it can be to maintain the beauty of the landscape.

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Root Pruning

There are times when the roots of the trees start growing into the sidewalks and foundations of an infrastructure. They become a risk to the people and property. So by pruning, unwanted roots are removed. A professional like one at Sox and Freeman can easily decide which root should be cut down and which not. Because eliminating the wrong root can damage the tree.

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This type of pruning is not necessary for a tree but is usually done for a matter of taste. At times, the property owners like light trees or loved the previous shape of the tree before it outgrew. Then this process is performed and the branches that are extending far away from the canopy are reduced. And the original shape of the tree is maintained.

Clearance Pruning

Clearance pruning is performed to reduce the foliage from buildings, road signs, power lines, or anything else where the overgrowth of the tree is causing any inconvenience. Whether it’s blocking the view of an important road sign or growing around the power lines causing the threat of falling on them. The branches are cut down to the required size and shape.

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Restoration Pruning

This is usually performed on trees to improve the health and structure after the damage caused by the storm. It is also performed if the tree was poorly pruned by an unprofessional before affecting the growth of the tree. Restoration pruning will enhance trees’ well-being.

Why Prune My Trees And It’s Benefits

Why Prune My Trees? And It’s Benefits

At Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company, we believe in a customized approach for the pruning needs of your trees. We eliminate the dead and sick branches to improve the overall health of the tree.

We can also trim your trees to get rid of the limbs that might be blocking a nice view. Or if you want to remove dead branches from a mature tree. You can trust our professionals for all your trimming and pruning needs. Our experts create a plan that is most suitable for you and your tree’s well-being.

Increase Sunlight Penetration and Airflow

Dense trees near buildings and infrastructure make it difficult for the wind to flow around it. But by trimming the air can flow freely. It is essential that the optimum amount of air and sunlight should reach every part of the tree. When the crown of the tree gets dense, it makes it difficult for sunlight to reach the lower limbs and branches. But with pruning, all the branches will be able to receive sunlight.

Protect Your Tree’s Health

Trimming and pruning your trees on a regular basis can help improve the health of trees and prevent several problems from occurring. Trimming improves the overall health of the tree and promotes new growth. And pruning can improve your tree’s well-being by eliminating the dead branches. This will also help in protecting your tree from pests and diseases. As a healthier tree is more immune to diseases.

Enhance Aesthetics

A well-maintained tree would look more beautiful than a messy one. Pruning can help in improving the curb appeal of your trees. This will not only positively affect the beauty of your property, but will also increase the actual resale value. Especially if you are planning to sell the property in the near future, then it is a great time to get those trees pruned.

Protection From Storm Damage

Pruning can help in protecting your trees against the storm. During a storm, there are more chances of weak and dying branches will fall. They may fall and cause damage to people or your property. To eliminate this threat, it is beneficial to prune those weak branches on time.

Lower The Risk of Injury

Trees that are located near sidewalks, or pathways pose a safety risk for people. Heavy or dying branches on those trees may fall down anytime, causing injury to anyone. To eliminate that threat, it is beneficial to prune those heavy branches and make them lighter and get rid of dying branches.

Improve Tree’s Structure

Pruning on a regular basis will result in a healthy-looking tree. It will prevent the tree from growing in the wrong direction and being prone to developing weak branches. While growing in a dense crown, the limbs have to compete for space, but on-time trimming allows them to have more space to grow.

Provide Clearance

Pruning, when specially done for clearing the view, can be very beneficial for your property and you. If a tree is located in front of a property and has become dense, it makes it difficult to see the house. Then it is the right time to prune your tree. It will not only clear the view but will help sunlight in reaching the building and will increase the value of the property.

Protect Tree’s Roots

Excess weight on top of the tree can burden the root system. Especially if the roots are weak or sick. More burden on top means more nutrition demand for the roots, but the weak roots are unable to fulfill them and they have to work harder. This can result in the failure of the tree. But trimming can help reduce the weight on top and burden on roots.

Tree Care Equipment

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Tree care needs special equipment for successful and efficient execution. There are times when the tree is in a hard-to-reach location or the pruning needs to be done from an inconvenient angle. Then our state-of-the-art equipment helps us perform our job well. Spider Lift is one of our most used pieces of equipment for trimming as it helps in reaching the difficult parts of the tree. For close pruning, we usually use the top handle chainsaw, as it is lightweight and easier to operate.

We also use a powered long-handled trimmer for trimming, as it is more convenient to use. Some other tools, like blowers and chippers, help us clean up the location after the work is done.

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Why Choose Sox and Freeman For Pruning and Trimming Service

Tree work is our passion. We always ensure the highest standard of tree services for our customers. Sox and Freeman are proud to provide “Quality work and exceptional customer experience”.

Client Satisfaction

At Sox and Freeman, we focus more on the quality of our service. We care about your safety and happiness and that is one of the reasons why we are the best tree service provider in South Carolina.

Certified Arborist

Credentials are important in the tree service industry. Our Arborists have undergone the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) certification exam. They possess the knowledge and skills needed to prune and trim your trees.

Expert team, Quality Machinery

Here at Sox and Freeman, we have a team of experts who know which equipment should be used in a specific situation. They have years of experience in tree care service. They know how to prune and how much to prune.

Affordable Prices

We have always managed to maintain the most competitive prices. The reason why we have been in business for the last 70+ years is directly correspondent to our affordable prices and great service.

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Sox and Freeman can help you with all your tree pruning and trimming requirements. Our professionals will keep your trees looking healthy and fresh. With the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, we can correctly prune your trees because we know that incorrect pruning can damage your tree’s health.


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