If you are searching for tree removal Columbia Sc, Sox and Freeman can help you. At Sox and Freeman, we are not just “tree cutters”. We are certified Arborists who treat your tree like their own. We understand that your trees are valuable to you. Our professionals first assess the tree to find the root cause of the damage. If it is possible to regenerate it, we will help you with that with our other services. But sometimes tree removal is needed for safety measures.

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When that is the case, we make sure to provide you best tree cutting and removal service by choosing the proper combination of techniques to get your tree down safely. Removing a tree is a dangerous and hazardous task, but our highly trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and proper planning to provide satisfactory results.
Our tree removal experts have the knowledge and experience to design the best plan for your tree removal and make it happen. We will also remove the tree’s Stump to make your property look untouched and fine.

When Should You Consider Tree Removal as a Solution

When Should You Consider Tree Removal as a Solution?

Laying in the shade of a tree can be relaxing in the hot summers. But when there is a danger of falling trees, it is important to contact a professional tree removal service company like Sox and Freeman. Tree removal is a big decision for tree owners and a difficult one to make. If you are wondering when you should consider tree removal, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the leaning tree?

If there is a sudden lean in your tree, it specifies the breakage of the root system. This means that the tree is in danger, and it is important to remove it. Sometimes lean can be caused by growing incorrectly or being diseased. Our Arborist can easily diagnose it and provide you with possible solutions.

Are the decaying tree roots?

The trees can survive damage to their roots to some extent. After that, the removal of the tree is the last resort. You don’t have to search for an Arborist near me. Contact us to make an accurate decision.

Is the tree hollow?

Many trees can live for years with hollow trunks. But if one-third of the interior of the tree is hollow and rotten, it probably should be removed. Our certified Arborist can assess whether your tree can be saved or not.

Are there large dead branches?

If more than 25% of the tree branches are damaged, it is very difficult for the tree to survive. Only an arborist can decide whether the tree can be saved by pruning and trimming the branches or should it be entirely removed.

Is the tree under power lines?

If your tree is near or under power lines, there are chances that the tree or its branches might fall on the lines, causing a large amount of damage. An experienced arborist can help you decide at what height and distance the tree should be.
For Sox and Freeman, no job is too small… no tree is too tall…

Can the tree cause infrastructure damage?

If the tree is near your house or premises, it is possible during a storm, the tree or its branches might fall and cause visible damage to your property, especially if the tree is already damaged from the inside. Our professional team can help you by removing the tree.

Why Should You Let Professionals Handle Tree Removal?

You may have considered felling a tree yourself. But have you considered what happens if something goes wrong during the process, you are injured, or damage is caused to your property? Do you have the necessary permits and equipment to remove the tree?

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Tree removal is a big task. It is not only physically daunting and potentially dangerous, but it may be illegal to remove a tree without a permit. It is important to always hire professionals like Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company.


At Sox and Freeman, we are not only concerned about our crew’s safety but also about protecting your family, property, and the public. This is why our professional climbers use fall restraints and positioning lines while working. Ground crew members place safety devices to control pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Tree Health

Sox and Freeman is a certified Arborist company. We believe in doing the things Arborist way. The health of the tree is our top priority. Our Arborist will perform a tree risk assessment first to determine whether we can save the tree with possible solutions or not. And after the removal of the tree, we make sure to clean up for any fungus and pests that might cause damage to other plants.

Proper Equipment

Every tree is not the same. Removing a tree needs different equipment and planning. Our experienced crew assesses the tree first to plan out which equipment will be suitable for the job and how to remove the tree safely from your property.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a professional like Sox and Freeman will save not only your time but also your money. If you remove the tree yourself, it can take days for you to do, but we can do that job in a day or two. An unprofessional can cause damage to your property while removing a tree which can cost you a lot of money, but for us, you and your property are important.

Clean Removal

Old trees have huge trunks and roots, and self-removal will leave various parts in the ground. However, our expert Arborists are trained to cut trees entirely from the source, ensuring a clean removal without any debris.


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Benefits From The Tree Removal

We don’t just take care of your trees, and we give them the care they need and deserve.
In some situations, it is important to remove the tree for your and the environment’s safety. Most people think tree removal is all about cutting trees. However, this is not true.

Benefits From The Tree Removal

Our professional Arborist will recommend removing a limb or the entire tree only if it has some benefits. If the job is done correctly, it can enhance the appearance and overall value of the property. Some of the prominent benefits of tree removal are as follows:

Fast Service After the Storm

Fast Service After the Storm

We offer quick service to those trees in an emergency situation. The thunderstorms in South Carolina can cause damage to trees. Whether it was the wind that knocked down the tree or the lightning that burned it, our professionals are capable of handling and removing those trees. Our crew has the expertise and equipment to deal with complex removals and service all sizes of residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

Tree Removal Process

In theory, tree removal is a simple process and can be done by anyone, but in reality, there are several things that need to be considered, from equipment to removal techniques to cleaning up after the removal. Our tree removal specialists have the experience and training to remove a tree without causing additional damage.


We evaluate the condition of the tree and provide several options for saving the tree or removing it completely.


Based on your requirements and the needs of the tree, we have come up with a customized plan. From selecting crew size to making notes of equipment needed to help overcome obstacles like power lines and trees nearby. We plan each step.

Tree Removal Process In south carolina


Once we have a plan in place, we will provide a written estimate for your approval. We make sure to provide high-quality service at an affordable price. Once you have approved the estimate, we will begin our work.


We will schedule a time that works best for you. The tree removal process is different for each tree based on its size and location. Our crew will take all the safety measures to protect you and your family.


After the tree is successfully removed, we then clean up branches, limbs, and leaves to make sure your space looks clean and beautiful.

Recycle the wood

The material and wood that are removed from your property will be disposed of and recycled. Wood chips can be reused for firewood, gardening, or mulch.

Why Choose Sox and Freeman

Why Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Company?

Tree work is our passion. We always ensure the highest standard of tree services for our customers. Sox and Freeman are proud to provide “Quality work and exceptional customer experience.”

Client Satisfaction

At Sox and Freeman, we focus more on the quality of our service. We care about your safety and happiness, and that is one of the reasons why we are the best tree service provider in South Carolina.

Certified Arborist

Credentials are important in the tree service industry. Our Arborists have undergone the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) certified arborist exam. They possess the knowledge and skill needed to successfully and safely remove a tree.

Expert team, Quality Machinery

Here at Sox and Freeman, we have a team of experts who know which equipment should be used in a specific situation. They have years of experience navigating the risks of tree removal. They know when to remove and how to remove a tree.

Affordable Prices

We have always managed to maintain the most competitive prices. The reason why we have been in business for the last 70+ years is directly correspondent to our affordable prices and great service.

If You Need Tree Removal Service in South Carolina?

Sox and Freeman can help you in removing that dying tree in your yard. Our professionals will assess the tree and plan a strategy for tree removal according to it. With the help of our state-of-the-art machinery, we can easily remove any tree without causing any damage to the surroundings.


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Tree Removal Service:
Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the average size of the tree which is 30 feet tall the cost is around $24 to $63 per foot for tree removal.

Yes, you need permission from the local authority before removing, cutting, or pruning a tree. Tree removal without getting permission is considered a criminal offense in South Carolina.

If the tree is posing any danger to the property or people then it should be removed immediately. Otherwise, the best time to get a tree removed is in autumn once the leaves have fallen off.

After the tree is removed the roots will start decomposing. And there is very less chance that the tree will grow back again.

No, as long as you can provide us access to the location of the tree you do not need to be at home.

Yes, it is ok to remove a tree near a house. But make sure to hire a professional tree service company like Sox and Freeman as it needs proper planning and execution. A professional can remove a complex tree without harming the surroundings.

At Sox and Freeman, we take every precaution to protect your property. We make sure that the tree removal process causes the least impact on your landscape.