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Tree Removal

You have noticed decaying roots in your tree and don’t know what to do with them. Call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294. We believe in providing exceptional tree removal columbia sc. It’s better to save a tree than to cut it down. That is why our certified arborists will first examine your tree. Find out the reason behind those decaying roots. If it is possible to save the tree they will advise you on it. But if it is not then we will have to remove that tree. Advice is ours but the final decision is yours.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Wondering what the difference between tree pruning and trimming is? During pruning, the dead and sick branches of the tree are removed so that they don’t cause much harm to the rest of the tree. Whereas in trimming the tree branches are cut down to improve the beauty of the tree and maintain its structural integrity. So if you notice that there are dying branches in your tree, it’s better to call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294. Our certified arborist will provide you with the pruning services your tree needs. They will not only help you get rid of the dead branches but also enhance your tree’s health.

Stump Grinding

Are your children and pets tripping over that stump in your backyard? Call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294 and get rid of that stump. Stumps can be dangerous for you and your family, someone may get injured by tripping over them. We know that you love your family and want to keep them safe from any danger, and so do we. That is why we are delivering stump grinding services in the area of Blythewood, SC. We can help you get rid of that stump without causing any damage to your beautiful backyard.

Tree Bracing And Cabling

Have you recently noticed that the branches of your trees are splitting? Sox and Freeman can help you restore your tree by bracing the branches. During the tree bracing process, a rod is placed inside the branch or trunk and is then bolted with the help of nuts. With its help, the branches will remain in their place even when heavy winds are flowing. Our professionals will first examine your tree because each tree has different needs. And then they will provide you with the best tree care service. Sox and Freeman have been providing the best tree cabling and bracing services in Blythewood for the past many years.

Tree Assessment

Wondering which tree service will be suitable for your tree? Our professionals at Sox and Freeman can help you with that. Our arborists will arrive at your location and examine your tree thoroughly. They will perform all the tests needed to check its health. Sometimes the issue can not be detected with the eyes which is why they will collect different samples from the tree and send them to the laboratory for a checkup. Once all the results are received they will guide you with what your tree needs and which tree care services you should take from us. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. So call us at (803)252-7294 and protect your trees from future problems.

Soil Care

Do you want to improve your tree’s soil health but those chemical fertilizers are causing more harm than good? Our certified arborist can help you with your soil problems. We provide you with the best soil inoculants as an alternative to those harmful chemical fertilizers. Soil inoculants are bacteria or fungi that are added to the soil to enhance it. With its help, the tree is able to absorb more water and moisture from the soil. As a result, making the tree more healthy. The best thing about soil inoculants is that it not only enhances the nutrients of the soil but also help the tree in fighting against different pests and diseases. Call Sox and Freeman and let us care for your soil’s health.

Organic Plant Health Care

Sox and Freeman provide you with organic plant health care services in Blythewood, SC. We use natural and bio-rational products for the trees. The advantage of using organic products is that they can protect your tree and soil from pests and diseases while causing the least amount of disturbance to other living organisms. On top of that that they break fast into harmless byproducts. These organic products control the PH level in the soil and make it healthier. Healthy soil is the key element to healthy trees. Call us at (803)252-7294 and let us provide you with the best tree care services in town.


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