Best Tree Care Company In West Columbia Sc

Providing you with the best tree care services is our motto.

Tree Removal

Sox and Freeman have been delivering top-notch tree removal services for the past seven decades in West Columbia, SC. Especially, if it’s about emergency service after a storm. There was a storm last night and a tree fell near your property. Then call immediately at (803)252-7294. We will come and help you get rid of that tree in no time. During the storm season, our team is always ready and on its toes to help you out. No matter whether it’s late at night or early in the morning Sox and Freeman will provide you with emergency tree removal service whenever you need it.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Sox and Freeman can help you in improving the health of your trees with our Pruning and trimming services. We will reduce the foliage on your trees to improve their structural integrity. Due to the reduced foliage, the trees will be able to receive more sunlight, especially the branches down below. The airflow around the tree will also be increased thus causing a significant improvement in the health of your trees. Call us at (803)252-7294 so we can provide you with the best tree care services in town.

Stump Grinding

Want to enhance the beauty of your lawn but there is a stump standing in the middle of your lawn? Call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294. Our team of professionals will provide you with a quote for the stump grinding service. Once you have approved they will decide the day and time with you. On the fixed time they will arrive at your location and grind that stump away. Once their work is done they will clean up your lawn. Now that you have a smooth landscape you can easily renovate your lawn and enhance its beauty. The removal of that stump will not only enhance the beauty of your lawn but will also increase the value of your property.

Tree Bracing And Cabling

Looking for one of the best West Columbia, SC tree care companies? Call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294 and take advantage of our high-quality tree services. Whether you want to protect your tree from heavy winds or the weight of snow, we can help you with all of that. Each tree has different needs but our certified arborists possess the knowledge to figure out what a tree needs. And provide you with a tree care service plan according to it. Trees that are harmed by lightning stroke need more attention and care. With the help of our tree bracing and cabling services, we can restore those burned branches and protect your tree from any further harm caused by those burned branches.

Tree Assessment

Sox and Freeman know the importance of trees for our environment. Trees saved today will benefit our future generations. That is why we are always striving to save trees. With the help of our tree care services, we can improve the health of the trees and protect them from dying. If you are planning on performing some construction on your property, keep in mind that it can also affect the health of your trees. Call Sox and Freeman at (803)252-7294. Our certified arborist will provide you with the best advice on preserving the tree whether to transplant it to another place or remove it from the location.

Soil Care

Wondering why you should hire a professional if you can provide fertilizers to your soil on your own? A certified arborist like one at Sox and Freeman can detect those issues in the soil that an unprofessional can not see. Each tree is different and has different needs. New trees need more nutrients to grow well than the old ones. And these nutrients can only be supplied through the tree’s soil. Our professionals not only examine your soil for its nutritional deficiency but also your trees to determine their needs. Then they will provide you with the best solution whether it’s fertilization, soil inoculants, or soil decompaction. We will choose what is best for your tree. Providing the soil with an adequate amount of fertilizers and amendments is important because its overdose can cause harm to the tree. So call us at (803)252-7294 and let us help you get rid of those tree worries.

Organic Plant Health Care

At Sox and Freeman, we emphasize soil health as much as we do tree health. Because healthy soil is the key factor in enhancing the health of the tree. But when the tree is unable to receive the nutrients from the soil it starts getting weaker. A weak tree is an easy target for pests and harmful diseases. And if the tree is not provided with a cure on time it can die. For us, trees are more important than anything which is why we provide several tree care services in West Columbia, SC. To help improve the health of your tree and soil. Our arborist will first determine the disease that is killing your tree and then customize a treatment according to it.


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