Celebrating 75 Years Serving The Midlands

About Sox & Freeman

Founded in 1948, Sox & Freeman has been locally owned and operated for 75 years.

A Legacy of Caring For South Carolina’s Trees

It all began in 1948, Blake Freeman partnered with C.L. Sox to open Sox and Freeman Tree Expert Co. Both men grew up during the Great Depression and knew what hard work was like and developed a conservative attitude. Having worked together for several years and separated by Blake’s military service for four years during WWII, both gentlemen had a goal to build a company based on customer satisfaction and integrity. It was no easy task, long days, hard work, traveling from town to town giving up time with family, but their dream came true. Sox and Freeman became a household name and highly respected company.

Chris Freeman, CEO, the son of Blake Freeman started with the company in 1976 and today leads the company with its President, Blake Roddy. No relation to Blake Freeman, but a man of great work ethics and integrity. The company’s premise is to build a strong workforce with like attributes of the company and continue to invest in the employees’ skills and knowledge.

While the techniques, equipment and many faces have changed, the quality of work remains the same and will continue as a small local, family company. Today ,75 years later, the company stands as the leader in tree care in the midlands of South Carolina with the same business model of customer satisfaction and integrity.

A Simple Recipe For Longevity

At Sox & Freeman there is no secret for why we’re still in business over 7 decades after we opened. We recognize, first and foremost, the importance of cultivating relationships with our customers.

Some of our current clients include the children and even grandchildren of our first generation customers! Trees last a long time, and we’re proud to be able to say that our relationships with our customers do too.

On top of a customer-first approach to business, we also truly care about our work. We believe that God created trees for more reasons and benefits than most individuals could ever imagine, and so we don’t simply provide tree removal services – we provide tree care.

It is our goal to preserve trees – we’re professional tree doctors who would always rather see healthy trees left standing.

Today’s Arborists Training Tomorrow’s Arborists

Every one of our tree service teams is led by an ISA-certified arborist, which allows us to diagnose and correct problems instead of simply taking down each tree that we’re called out to inspect. The International Society of Arboriculture has rigorous standards, and requires extensive training, testing, and continuing education to receive and maintain certification.

We recognize that without our expert crews Sox & Freeman couldn’t be what it is today and so we go the extra mile to protect and nurture our team. We carry industry leading insurance policies and workers compensation plans, and all team members at Sox & Freeman are given the opportunity to become certified arborists via our Arborist Development Plan.
This is how we have been able to literally raise the next generation of arborists, ensuring that tomorrow’s trees will be cared for just as skillfully as today’s.

A Clear Path Forward

Going forward, our mission at Sox & Freeman is simple: to keep caring for the trees of the South Carolina Midlands. While our company has grown over the years, we are still a small business and love that we can continue to maintain personal relationships with our customers.

Trusted By The Midlands for 75 years!

Award Winning and Highly Certified

The Sox and Freeman team, winners of the “Best of Columbia Metro” title for over five years, are your local tree care experts. As certified tree care safety professionals and proud members of the International Society of Arboriculture, they’ve dedicated their careers to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. Don’t wait, get to know them better – meet your team today!

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