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Keep Trees Looking Their Best With Professional Tree Pruning Services

Left on their own, your trees may become top-heavy or develop an aesthetically challenged appearance. When done properly, pruning keeps your trees healthy and looking great! It is essential to have this performed by an arborist instead of improvised or seasonally inappropriate pruning, which can cause more damage than good.

Arborist pruning tree on a lift.

Pruning- Like a Hair Cut With Health Benefits

In the wild, trees do what they want to do – and an ugly tree in the woods is fine! But, to have the trees in your yard look elegant and grow their best requires skill and knowledge. Our certified arborists are trained in how to safely trim away excess, dead, or unwanted branches to achieve a healthier, better looking, and longer lasting tree.


What To Expect From Our Tree Pruning Service


On-site Consultation

Tree pruning is a delicate job – with each type of tree needing to be pruned at specific times of year and special techniques in order to get the best results. Our ISA-certified arborists have the skills necessary to evaluate your trees and determine what sort of pruning is appropriate.


Site Preparation and Pruning

We will assist you with site preparation for the limb trimming process, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to protect your home and landscaping. Your trees will be hand pruned – each limb is carefully chosen for removal and trimmed in such a way to cause the least amount of harm.


Post-Trimming Cleanup

The job doesn’t stop just because your tree’s limbs have been pruned. When you choose Sox & Freeman nothing will be left behind for you to deal with – no piles of limbs or mounds of mulch! Your yard will be left as we found it!

Why Choose Sox & Freeman


Certified Arborists

At Sox & Freeman we aren’t just a few guys with chainsaws – every one of our crews is led by an ISA-certified arborist. This means that you’re working with tree experts who have the training, education, and experience to keep both native trees and exotic ornamentals looking great all year long.


Long-term Relationships

Sox & Freeman has been in business for 75 years and some of our clients have been with us for three generations. Like the trees we work with, we take a long view of the world and prioritize developing long-term relationships over short-term gain.


An Ongoing Commitment to Training

We don’t rest on our laurels and are always training the next generation of arborists. At Sox & Freeman our non-certified crew members are given the time, training, and resources to become certified arborists via our Arborist Development Plan.


Insured For Peace Of Mind

No experienced arborist will say that their profession is without risk – and we’re as experienced as they come. To that end we safeguard both our crews and your property with industry leading insurance and workers compensation plans.


Tree Doctors - We Keep Trees Healthy

We love Columbia for its amazing tree cover and it is always our goal to preserve as many healthy trees as possible. Pruning your trees regularly keeps them healthy, allows them to grow lusher, and in some cases even set more blooms!


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Why should I work with a certified arborist?

At Sox & Freeman our crews always include an ISA-certified arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture sets standards for arboriculture (tree care) and requires training, testing, and continuing education to qualify for and maintain certification.
When it comes to pruning trees, expertise is essential to avoid unsightly results or even the death of your trees. If you’ve ever encountered crape myrtles that were pruned at the wrong time of year, you’ve seen firsthand how pruning can go awry!
Our certified arborists have the training and experience to keep your trees looking great for decades to come.

What types of trees need regular pruning?

Crape myrtles and palm trees are two of the most common trees in South Carolina that require regular pruning to look their best. Some types of trees, like magnolias and hollies, naturally grow symmetrically and rarely require pruning.

If you aren’t sure if your tree needs pruning, our professional arborists can help you determine if and when it will be appropriate.

What areas do you service?

We offer professional tree services across the South Carolina Midlands and the surrounding areas, including Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and West Columbia.

We are Located at: 3615 Phillips Street, Columbia, SC 29203

Is there a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming?

While the terms pruning and trimming are commonly used interchangeably (as we have done here), the reality is that the terms mean different things to arborists. At Sox & Freeman, we are tree specialists and provide pruning services.

Pruning is the deliberate removal of limbs to encourage trees to grow more healthily and maintain a pleasing appearance over a long period of time. Trimming, on the other hand, usually refers to cutting trees back from buildings or power lines, and often is done without much consideration for the tree’s long term growth.

How often should I prune my trees?

The frequency of pruning will depend on the species of tree and its stage of growth. However, in most cases pruning should be done every one or two years.

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