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Preserve Beautiful Old Trees With Tree Cabling and Bracing – Columbia SC

As trees age they grow mighty and majestic – but sometimes they develop structural defects which can result in catastrophic failure during high winds or ice accumulation. Cables and bracing lets your beautiful old trees keep providing their lovely shade for years to come.

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Cabling and Bracing – A Better Alternative To Tree Removal

Outside of removing dead trees, we always prefer to find solutions which keep large trees standing. Large tree species, like oaks and pecans, often grow in such a way that creates a weak structure that is prone to stress damage from wind, ice, or dense foliage. Cable and bracing systems are a great way to maintain tree health and appearance, and keep these forest giants standing!


What To Expect From Our Tree Cabling and Bracing Service


On-site Consultation

Prior to installing cabling or bracing, our arborists will perform a complete inspection of your tree, evaluating its health and assessing the viability of a tree bracing system. In many cases, tree pruning will be required prior to the installation of tree cabling systems.


Tree Cabling and Bracing Installation

Your tree’s cable and bracing system will be hand installed by our certified arborists. Each of our crews includes highly qualified climbing arborists who can skillfully set protective hardware without causing any harm to your tree.

Why Choose Sox & Freeman


Certified Arborists

At Sox & Freeman we aren’t just a few guys with chainsaws – every one of our crews is led by an ISA-certified arborist. This means you get the expertise that can only come from training and experience, and the peace of mind that any cabling and bracing systems installed will keep your trees safe.


Long-term Relationships

Sox & Freeman has been in business for 75 years and some of our clients have been with us for three generations. Like the trees we work with, we take a long view of the world and prioritize developing long-term relationships over short-term gain.


An Ongoing Commitment to Training

We don’t rest on our laurels and are always training the next generation of arborists. At Sox & Freeman our non-certified crew members are given the time, training, and resources to become certified arborists via our Arborist Development Plan.


Insured For Peace Of Mind

No experienced arborist will say that their profession is without risk – and we’re as experienced as they come. To that end we safeguard both our crews and your property with industry leading insurance and workers compensation plans.


Tree Doctors - We Keep Trees Healthy

We love Columbia for its amazing tree cover and it is always our goal to preserve as many healthy trees as possible. Installing tree cabling and bracing systems helps protect and preserve the largest and most important trees in our region.


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Why should I work with a certified arborist?

At Sox & Freeman our crews always include an ISA-certified arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture sets standards for arboriculture (tree care) and requires training, testing, and continuing education to qualify for and maintain certification.

When you work with a certified arborist you can rest easy knowing that your tree’s cabling and bracing systems will be installed in a manner that won’t harm your tree as it continues to grow, and will offer years of protection.

How do I know if my tree needs a cable support system?

The most common reason for needing cabling is when trees have codominant limbs – or two limbs of roughly equal diameter forking off of a central trunk. If each of these limbs is allowed to grow unchecked, the weight of their branches and heavy foliage may become great enough to split the tree at the fork’s crotch.

If you are unsure if your tree needs cabling, have your tree inspected by a certified arborist.

What areas do you service?

We offer professional tree services across the South Carolina Midlands and the surrounding areas, including Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Columbia, Irmo, Lexington, and West Columbia.

We are Located at: 3615 Phillips Street, Columbia, SC 29203

What is the difference between tree cabling and tree bracing?

Tree cabling and tree bracing are both methods of adding structural support to tree limbs which may otherwise lack the strength to support themselves. Cabling uses flexible steel cables (static cabling) or synthetic ropes (dynamic cabling) which are anchored into or wrapped around the wood, while bracing uses rigid metal rods to prevent a tree’s leaders from splitting at their crotch or moving apart from one another.

Your certified-arborist has the training to determine which system is going to yield the best results for your particular situation.

Will I be able to see the cables or braces?

Generally you will not be able to easily see the cables or braces. These systems are often installed high in the canopy and are quite small in comparison to the limbs they are supporting.

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