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WHY? “Because your yard is an integrated world that includes? plants, bugs, birds, pets … and you!”

~ Trees Share ~
That’s right. Your yard’s dominant features - trees - share space with a large variety of shrubs and bushes. They share space. They share water. And, they share soil. Your yard may look like a collection of parts, but it is actually a miniature, holistic, eco-system.

This ecosystem includes: birds & bees, water... & you!
A yard’s ecosystem is a pretty busy place. It is a home or stopping point for:
  • Microscopic fungi, bugs, and worms that live in and nourish soil.
  • Bees and butterflies that pollinate both yard plants and vital food crops growing miles away.
  • Birds and other wildlife.
  • Water, which enables a yard to survive and grow. And, water that passes through to other yards, storm drains, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, the ocean.
  • You! You, your family, friends, and pets affect your yard. And, your yard affects you...
The way you treat your yard impacts family and visitors, pets, birds, pollinators, wildlife, and water.

Traditional treatments for pests and disease, even some fertilizers can contain toxins that negatively affect the health of soil, other plants, insects, birds, animals, and water. In fact, they can negatively impact the health of pets and humans who come in contact with them.

Sox & Freeman {Organic} Plant Healthcare is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional treatments.

Sox & Freeman has become the Midland’s premier arborist and tree-service company, having served the community for 67 years. But, we’re not stopping there. Education and experience say it’s time to stop looking at the individual tree and instead address the health of the landscape. And not too soon. Midlands residents are becoming aware that a yard is part of a larger whole and seek alternatives that consider the big picture.

WHAT? “Holistic yard evaluation, preventive care, natural nutrition, and organic treatments.”

~ Sox & Freeman {Organic} Plant Healthcare ~
A partnership that includes an evaluation of all woody-stemmed plants and soil condition, and if necessary, treatment.

Caring with Vermicompost & Organic Treatments:
Vermicompost and organic treatments are effective methods for amending soil and caring for plants without harming other plants, animals or people.
  • Soil Amendment with vermicompost. Vermicomposting uses worms to decompose vegetation waste, bedding materials and create worm castings. The end product, vermicompost, is an excellent conditioning agent for soil. It contains a higher saturation of nutrients and reduced levels of contaminates.
  • Organic treatments that effectively control pests, parasites and disease, but are beneficial for all plants, soil organisms, insects and pollinators, birds, pets and people.
  • Recommending native plant species that thrive in South Carolina growing conditions. In addition to being more disease resistant and less expensive to maintain, native species improve the stability of our state’s overall ecology and provide habitat for increasingly threatened pollinators such as bees and butterflies.


Our evaluation identifies the condition of all of the woody plants (any plant or tree with a woody stem), the soil that supports them, and reveals issues concerning pests, disease, and low vitality.

PARTNERSHIP? “...with limits and benefits. “A Sox & Freeman Plant Healthcare partnership lasts as long as you need us...no longer.”

We evaluate, identify, and treat until our mutual goal is accomplished. Two ‘free and clear’ visits and we are done. Of course, if you want us to come back and keep an eye on things, we will!

We will treat your plants in a way that is safe for the environment and that promotes a sustainable landscape to be safely enjoyed by you and future generations.

What does that mean? Plant species, care, and treatment that protect and support the Palmetto State’s ecology...key components of Sox & Freeman {Organic} Plant Healthcare.

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