Enhance your Plant’s Life Span with Our Plant Health Care Solutions

Plant health care is a preventative method of protecting plants and trees from pests and diseases. They face many challenges such as drought, storms, diseases, fungi, and insects, which can affect plants’ welfare.

Organic Plant Health Care Service

But Sox and Freeman can help you to protect and take care of your plants with our plant care solutions. Our solutions are drawn from distinct methods consisting of cultural, and biological treatments.
Cultural methods comprise proper planting techniques, selection of better plant materials, sufficient watering, soil improvement, and pruning to enhance the health and life span of the plants. While in Sox and Freeman’s Organic methods we use natural fertilizers and organic soil amendments to provide sufficient nutrients to the soil and promote the well-being of plants. Our objective is to employ productive and environment-friendly treatments.

Why Is Plant Health Care Important?

A decline in the health of plants or trees is a result of nutrient deficiencies. Plants can grow well in forests without care, but when they grow in a planted landscape, they need extra care and attention. Urban soils lack the nutrients that plants need to flourish. There are several reasons for this deficiency such as the decomposition of leaves, lack of soil microorganisms, and poor drainage. And on top of that, climate change causes unpredictable weather effects and weakens trees and plants. When a tree becomes weaker, it becomes an easy target for parasites and illness. Plants contribute significantly not only to our health but also to the value of the property, so it is essential to take good care of them. On-time detection and treatment of a plant’s weakness may prevent death. Sox and Freeman’s certified arborist assess your landscape and customize solutions that are suitable for the plant’s health.

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Taking Care of Plants The Organic Way

Sox and Freeman use organic, natural, and bio-rational products for plants. Bio-rational products can restrain pests and diseases while causing minimal disturbance to the environment and other living beings.

Some of these products are synthetic but have low environmental hazards and break down fast into harmless byproducts. Healthy soil is the key factor for the better development of plants, which is why we use products containing useful microorganisms, trace nutrients, and humic acid. They contribute to making the soil healthy and beneficial for the plants. Root zone soil samples are also collected for laboratory tests on PH, organic matter content, and macronutrients. Laboratory results help determine whether PH levels need to be adjusted or the application of fertilizers can help in improving soil health. Let Sox and Freeman take care of your plants organically.


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Insect Control Is The Key To Plants Health

Where there are plants, insects are sure to come. Some of these insects may be beneficial for plants but some negatively affect the well-being of the plants and damage their leaves, stems, and branches. Our certified and experienced arborists can easily identify and help manage an array of insects and pests that are harmful to your plants.

Insect Control Is The Key To Plants Health service

We have multiple treatments to manage those destructive pests. Bark sprays and soil injections help in providing the product to the plants efficiently and effectively, they help plants in fighting with difficult pests like leaf miners, wood boring beetles, and scale insects. Some other pests which are a threat to plants are:

Plant Disease Management

Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria can cause diseases in plants and trees. Drought, temperature extremes, and air pollution are some other factors that weaken sick plants. Sox and Freeman’s certified arborists can easily identify which disease is harming the plant and customize a solution or treatment according to it,

Plant Disease Management service

which will improve the overall health of the plant. On-time detection and treatment of the disease can save your trees and plants from dying. Our arborists use the latest and most effective methods of healing your plants.

Soil Nutrients And Quality Are Vital For Plant Health

Soil is the foundation for the plants in which they are rooted. Each plant needs an accurate amount of sunlight, water, oxygen, soil, and nutrients to survive. But unfortunately, with time, the nutritional factors of the soil become depleted and pose a threat to the plant’s health. Common soil-related issues that cause stress to plants are :

Our arborists consider these factors before deciding on a treatment. Many commercial fertilizers damage the soil, they make the soil dependent on chemicals. But the nutrients we use not only fertilize the soil but also reverse the degradation by the re-establishment of beneficial organisms in the soil. Increased biological activity in the soil improves plant health. There is no doubt that healthy plants rely on healthy soil.

Why Choose An Arborist For Your Plant’s Care?

Sox and Freeman are delivering several plant health care services related to insect control, plant diseases, and soil nutrition and quality. Plants require great care and attention. It is difficult for a non-professional to identify and cure plant-related problems. Only a certified and experienced arborist like at Sox and Freeman can do it. They will timely detect the problem with the plants, whether it’s the soil that is creating issues or the pests and diseases. We will not only help you detect but also will guide and provide you with the most accurate treatment for the plants. Moreover, our arborists can provide you with recommendations that can prevent several plant issues and make them healthier.
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Organic Plant Health Care:
Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s environment, various pests and diseases that can harm the tree,s health. That is why it,s important to pay attention to their health. And take advantage of Sox and Freeman’s plant health care service in order to protect your tree and to provide them with the best solution on time.
One of the easiest ways to do this call our arborist they will come and examine your tree thoroughly. They will also suggest to you the best possible solution. And the period in which the tree can be saved from dying.

Here are some of the prominent signs of a diseased tree

  1. Cracks and holes in the trunk and branches
  2. Holes in leaves
  3. Broken branches
  4. Holes in leaves
  5. Leaves changing color to an odd one
  6. Fungus growth.
If you notice that your trees are changing or see any visible warning signs. Then it’s a good idea to call an arborist. They can provide you with an exact report about what is happening to the tree and what steps should be taken to protect it.