Tree Removal Service

In addition to its unsightly appearance, a dead or diseased tree can pose a serious threat to the safety of you and your home during strong winds. Large branches weakened by disease may fall at any moment, but especially during or after storms, potentially falling on you, your loved ones or your property. At Sox and Freeman, we have the best staff and equipment for assessing the health of your trees, tree removal when needed, as well as an excellent safety record. When the time comes for tree removal, we have what it takes to handle your job no matter the size. We can remove your dead or diseased trees safely and effectively with virtually no disturbance to the surrounding landscape, while preserving the look and plant life within the area. Not only will removing dead trees brighten the look of your yard, but it can also protect the health of the other trees, plants and flowers in your garden. Dead trees can become infested with insects and fungi that can spread throughout your garden, causing unnecessary and heartbreaking damage. Contact us today for help with tree removal!

Tree Pruning

One of the most damaging things you can do to a tree is over prune. However, our arborists at Sox and Freeman know exactly what to prune, how much, and when to prune. Pruning, performed by an experienced arborist, increases the health and welfare of your trees, protects your property and can save you money in the long run. When large branches become too heavy, they fall during storms, causing damage to property such as your vehicles, home, fences, outbuildings, sewer and water lines, etc. Pruning can prevent these costly accidents.

Pruning enables trees to flourish and remain at peak health, bringing the most beauty and potential from your trees. Branches that contract a disease or insect infestation may spread these pests throughout the tree, causing greater damage to the entire tree. Tree removal is a more difficult and expensive process than pruning, so it is best to remove diseased and dying limbs before much time has passed. Don’t take chances! Let Sox and Freeman maximize the potential of your trees by hiring our experts to prune and maintain your trees for you.

Stump Grinding

Make unsightly tree stumps a memory! If you have recently cut down a tree, yet the stump remains, we can grind your stump to below soil level. A small pile of fine chips will be left where the stump once stood and you can then add soil to grow plants or grass to cover the area. Stump grinding removes the stump from sight so you can restore the look of your yard or garden.

Tree Cabling Systems

Proper tree pruning can shorten, lighten or thin hazardous tree branches, yet in some cases, this may be inadequate to keep certain limbs or trees safe. In such instances, cabling and bracing may be required to reduce stress on the tree. Cabling involves the attachment of a flexible, extra high strength steel cable, along with forged lag bolts and pre-formed cable grips between branches to limit excessive limb motion and to reduce stress on a crotch or branches. Sometimes trees are cabled together for support. Bracing uses bolts or threaded rods to rigidly secure weak or split crotches, unite split tree trunks or branches and hold rubbing limbs together. Tree cabling and bracing cannot be used to keep unhealthy or dying trees from falling apart, but these interventions can be used to assist healthy trees that are oddly shaped or slightly injured trees maintain their structural integrity during strong winds or storms. If you are concerned that your tree is in danger of splitting, let our tree experts come take a look and create a plan to keep your trees healthy and strong before it’s too late!

Lightning Protection for Trees

Lightning protection for trees works on the same principle as a lightning protection system on a building. A tree lightning protection system does not attract lightning nor does it prevent a lightning strike from occurring. A tree system intercepts the lightning bolt between the cloud and the earth and harmlessly conducts it to ground, where the energy is dispersed without damage to the tree. In Columbia, SC there are plenty of historic or sentimental trees. Trees in prominent locations or near valuable structures or your residence are perfect candidates for lightning protection systems. While we cannot guarantee lightning will not strike, we can help limit the damage lightning can cause to your tree and property.