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Trees make a big difference – providing cooling shade, a spot to hang a hammock, and an opportunity for treehouse adventures. When your leafy giants need a hand, our arborists are here to help.

Complete Tree Care

Trees provide us with so much and ask for little in return. On occasion, they do need a bit of extra love, whether that is treating crape myrtle bark scale, supporting branches with braces, or safeguarding them with lightning protection. And, at the end of their life, they need to be brought down safely. Our ISA certified arborists are here to provide you with these services.


Tree Removal

Tree cutting is a big job and should be done by tree service professionals. Our certified arborists get your trees brought down safely, even for large trees in tight spaces with limited access.


Tree Pruning

To help your trees look their best and survive the tests of time, it is important to strategically prune limbs. Pruning prevents structural weaknesses, removes dangerous dead limbs, and encourages healthy growth.


Stump Removal

Tree stumps last for years if left to decay on their own. Instead of waiting, get your tree stump professionally removed. Our arborists provide stump grinding and stump excavation – even for stumps that are adjacent to houses or in areas with limited access.


Tree Cabling & Bracing

Open canopied trees, like oaks, look majestic as they age – but their widely spread limbs can be a liability if left unchecked. If your tree needs extra support, cabling and bracing can add decades of life to these beautiful giants.


Tree Disease Care

If your tree is losing its leaves out of season, developing spots, or just isn’t looking right, it is important to get the problem fixed before it gets worse or spreads! From fighting fungus to eliminating insects, our arborists fight for your trees!


Tree Health Assessments

Trees easily live for many decades or even centuries, but structural problems and illnesses can arise that may damage or kill them! Prevent these problems from becoming serious with regular tree health checkups.


Tree Lightning Protection

Big, beautiful trees can define your yard – but they are also big targets for our summer thunderstorms! Protect your leafy giants with a tree lightning protection system to enjoy its shade for decades to come.

Why Choose Sox & Freeman


Certified Arborists

At Sox & Freeman we aren’t just a few guys with chainsaws – every one of our crews is led by an ISA-certified arborist. This means that you’re working with tree experts who have the training, education, and experience to handle the most challenging tree problems.


Long-term Relationships

Sox & Freeman has been in business for 75 years and some of our clients have been with us for three generations. Like the trees we work with, we take a long view of the world and prioritize developing long-term relationships over short-term gain.


An Ongoing Commitment to Training

We don’t rest on our laurels and are always training the next generation of arborists. At Sox & Freeman our non-certified crew members are given the time, training, and resources to become certified arborists via our Arborist Development Plan.


Insured For Peace Of Mind

No experienced arborist will say that their profession is without risk – and we’re as experienced as they come. To that end we safeguard both our crews and your property with industry leading insurance and workers compensation plans.


Tree Doctors - We Keep Trees Healthy

We love Columbia for its amazing tree cover and it is always our goal to preserve as many healthy trees as possible. Your problem trees will be safely removed – but whenever possible we will provide you with recommendations for non-destructive solutions.


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